A one-of-a kind collaboration with Ennya Larmit

The thing I love most about PEEL Magazine is that the team combines different creative talents from different disciplines. I think it’s a method that should be applied a lot more often. Stimulating and supporting each other’s artistic vision in a positive way gives rise to a beautiful artistic collective of people and ideas.

My contribution to the photoshoot is the moving image. For this I’ve really tried to bare Marinka’s photography style in mind. I’ve also looked at movements of both camera and model, and tried to combine them with the pictures. My focus really lies on textures and details of clothing and the surroundings. I’m really fascinated how the added combination of sound and image can generate a new dimension in a sculptural work of art.

To me, dance and film are naturally intertwined with each other. Time and movement get a new dimension by combining these two disciplines.

If I move with the camera, the image will be moving or dancing too. A decoupage is just like a choreography. I combine them and try to make both disciplines totally equal to each other. I focus on the details of everyday life and how our habits and daily movements can be enhanced through dance. I love working with people who aren’t afraid of choosing their own ways and aren’t afraid of chasing their unique artistic vision and style. And of course, I love working with people who dare to share their specific visual style with fellow artists. 

This photoshoot feels like a positive futuristic manifest whereby several fabrics, colours and textures are being reintroduced to us and whereby we look at them with new perspectives. It’s a future wherein different elements are being relooked at in new ways.