A one-of-a kind Collaboration with Grietje Schepers

One day, Marinka and Marjolein asked how I felt about contributing my work to PEEL Magazine. I said yes immediately, as I truly support creative, inspiring projects without a commercial outcome. Art for the love of it. Peel gives a platform for young artists and enhances collaboration.

Slow breathing sound, like a crackling fire.

My artistic background lies in textile, fashion and interior. Sleeping Gold, arose from an experiment. About five years ago, I became really attracted to golden metallic material – the same as the breathing rocks are made of. My aim is to find liveness in cold and hard material. By the slow breathing sound, like a crackling fire, some people experience it as if they’re sitting by a fireplace or near a soft moving ocean. It has this meditative effect. I love it when people can experience my projects by walking through them.

In the future, I’d love to continue working on building bigger sculptures and 3D worlds.

Being a part of PEEL Magazine feels like being a document of the current spirit of time.