A one-of-a kind collaboration with Kimberley Lau

Being a part of PEEL Magazine is such an inspiring opportunity. The idea of creating a total masterpiece, together with a bunch of other artists who barely know each other; sounded very intriguing.

The colour orange is omnipresent in the make-up.

I experimented with different textures and shades of orange, resulting in this series of images.

It wasn’t just a fashion shoot, but a fashion meets art meets raw movements shoot – so to say.

I believe that hair and make-up work really well with art. Thinking out of the box and letting go of the stereotypes around make-up in a commercial way. I’m always aiming for leaving my artistic signature in the image. 

I’d love to keep combining make-up with art and fashion. This shoot meant a lot to me. It showed that it’s possible to create beautiful things with an amazing team, we’re thinking out of the box is the red thread throughout the collaboration.