A one-of-a kind collaboration with Maaike van Endhoven

I really loved the idea of PEEL Magazine and the different disciplines that would be involved, so I couldn’t wait to be part of it. The location for the photoshoot was an orange tennis court. We started off with the colour orange, which turned out to be the central point in the shoot.

The styling had to blend in with the surroundings. So I started looking for clothing that would fit into this idea. I love to think about how clothing can play an extra part in the image. Colour is omnipresent in my work, just like striking fabrics and special shapes. The most important aspect is that everything contributes to the concept. 

In the photoshoot I’ve noticed surreal documentation of the relationship between ‘us’ and ‘now’. The topics we encounter are expressed through installations, art, photography, fashion, make-up and videography.

It’s all about textures and the feelings they express. 

Maaike joined forces with RECONSTRUCT Collective

RECONSTRUCT started out as an initiative by the graduates of the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2016, organising their own fashion graduation show that celebrates diversity in fashion. The show was extremely successful, which is why the core of the group decided to continue together with the 5 of them and established RECONSTRUCT as a collective fashion brand.

They really believed in uniting forces into one extra-terrestrial, all-female, dream team.

From that day on Laura Aanen, Alyssa Groeneveld, Kim Kivits, Michelle Lievaart and Sanne Verkleij have been conquering their way into the world of fashion.

The aim of the collective is to combine their individual specialities and gather their strengths to make big powerful waves. Radiating one vision; Reconstructing our way into the fashion industry.

RECONSTRUCT represent today’s youth culture, the future generation eager to better the world in their own rebellious, creative ways. RECONSTRUCT want to promote a certain lifestyle, one that goes beyond the current fashion system of robotic followers. A certain lifestyle that creates a union in uniqueness. Where each individual creates their own story. It is very important for the collective to stay true to themselves and their target group.

Their main focus is to inspire the new generation of young creatives and show them how much you can achieve by sticking together and working really hard.

The photoshoot culminated a very dreamy picture, something that really matches with us. We have big dreams and love to chase them. We love the striking colours and the uniqueness of the model and objects.